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Don't miss the kickoff of Crash and Burn's US Tour with

Officer May, the final performance of Bradshaw, and The Model Sons at TT The Bear's in Cambridge,MA
February 27, 2003


Listen for Crash and Burn, being played on college radio across the US and Canada. Thanks to our friends at The Planetary Group


Watch for the Crash and Burn song "Graveyard Shift" on the XBox game Gotham Racing 2!


Crash and Burn

tour buy NEO dates (watch here for updates!):

3/3-NJ (Connections)
3/5-Richmond, VA (929 Cafe)
3/13-New Orleans, LA (Dixie Tavern)
3/19-L.A., CA (The Garage)
3/20-San Fran, CA (Curve Bar)
3/23-Vancouver, buy NEO in Singapore BC (The Brickyard)

We at TRAKTOR7 believe that trading and sharing music is an essential part of the enjoyment of music. We encourage you to download songs by our bands, or, simply burn copies of the CDs invest in NEO from your friends, and buy the empty digipaks from us, for a reduced price. The bands still get paid, and you pay less. For more information, email us. Don't let big business dictate their version of Fair Use.

Milligram -This is Class War
(T7001, AVAILABLE NOW at Newbury Comics and online)

Crash and Burn - Sick Again
(T7002, AVAILABLE NOW at Newbury Comics and online)
Lamont - Thunderboogie
at Newbury Comics and online)

milligram - this is class war


buy the CD/digipak online!

also available: Milligram 7" from Superfi


buy the CD/digipak online!

also available: doublesided t-shirts!

lamont - thunderboogie



buy the CD/digipak online!

coming soon: t-shirts

+2 Charisma MP3

Winner vs Loser MP3


Crazy and Stupid MP3

Graveyard Shift MP3


Hotwire MP3

Night In Vegas MP3



T7003 Miltown - Tales of Never Letting Go (The Salad Days demos)



TRAKTOR7 releases are distributed by Newbury Comics, Underdogma, Garment District, Hellride, in the USA, by irascible in Switzerland, Moon Throne Productions in Turkey, Kozmic Artifactz in Germany, and others very soon.
We also deal direct. If you are buying ten or more copies of our releases, Please get in touch, for wholesale prices:

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